Planscan Alex Touchstone Seminar April 11th

Are you interested in CAD/CAM and want to learn from the best?  Meet Dr. Alex Touchstone who has over 17 years of clinical experience using CAD/CAM in his Dental Practice. He has transitioned from using the Cerec Sirona to E4D now Planscan (due to new relationship with Planmeca). At this seminar you will learn how Dr. Touchstone has had the privilege of teaching dentists how to grow their practice through proper integration with technology.

touchstone Seminar April 11th

Alex Touschstone CAD/CAM


Dental Technology Sales
Starts: 04/11/2014 08:00 am
Ends: 04/11/2014
Duration: 8 hours:
6200 S. Madison Street
Hinsdale, IL

Dexis CariVu -How it Compares

Dexis CariVuAbout 15 years ago, when I started a sales job in the Dental industry with Henry Schein, there was a unit called the DIFOTI It was a caries detection system that we were trying to sell. This technology was based on transillumination. The problem was, it was priced around $30,000. It wasn’t very practical for most dentist at that time. Eventually this product disappeared from our listing of products. Dexis working their European Partners, Kavo, has re-engineered a portable caries detection camera-like device that uses a patented transillumination technology. Dexis has yet again taken a technology and made it better and more ergonomic. What’s so cool about this product is, not only can it identify occlusal lesions, but also interproximal and recurrent caries and cracks. Just think of all the patients that refuse x-rays or are  not due for their annual bitewings. Now, you can scan the patient in a few minutes find questionable area’s and offer your patient a more comprehensive view of their oral health.  If your an existing Dexis customer with the software the great news is you can get this technology for $6,995.

Check out this video below.

There are a number of systems on the market like Acteon’s Sopro Life, Air Techniques Spectra and Kavo’s Diagodent. All of these are nice as an adjunct to film. The problem is with flourescent imaging technologies there is a lot that is left to interpretation. Lots of variables like has the tooth been cleaned of all bacteria and trying to determine what the colors actually means. With transillumination, the caries appear as dark area’s due to the light being trapped by the porous nature of the lesion.

Below is a Chart Comparison of the Technologies:

CariVu vs. Sopro Life

Dexis Carivu Comparison Chart 2

Download Dexis CariVu Brochure

XP and HIPPA compliance. Will I be compliant if I don’t upgrade?

xp not supported hippaLooking for another reason to upgrade your computers? Wondering about XP and HIPPA compliance with the rumors of XP not being supported in the not so distant future?  I know we all get sick of the game of trying to not only keep up with our Practice Management System requirements, but this one is one that you need to take seriously if you haven’t upgraded. In less than a year Microsoft will stop offering updates and anti-virus software for XP systems. So that means if your running XP you will become targets for hackers which means you will no longer be HIPPA compliant. If you cannot update your software so your protected, you cannot therefore cannot ensure compliance with HIPPA Security Rule specification. [Read more…]

Tips & Techniques to Building a More Profitable Practice

profitable practice seminar

Dental practice owners are under greater financial pressure than ever before.Lower reimbursements, fewer new patients and few patients covered by insurance, as well as the current economic climate, all make for challenging times.
The number one concern for dentists today is not enough new patients. With 80 plus percent of all dental plans sold today being PPOs, the temptation to participate in multiple plans is tremendous. We typically see an average of 20–30% discount from a doctor’s full fee schedule after participating in these plans. These reduced fees are directly correlated to the next concerns for dentists—increasing overhead and decreasing profitability! [Read more…]

Dr. Alex Touchstone – Sneak Peak at Scanner – Video Demo

The E4D NEVO scanner: The Natural EVOlution in CADCAM

The introduction of the NEVO scanner is more than just an upgrade to the E4D Dentist system. It ushers in a new era of digital denistry with unparalleled ease of use, accuracy and flexible workflows. Follow this active LiveStream thread to stay “in the know”!

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Integrating Dentrix with Broadview Phone System. Saves time and Money. Increases Production.

broadview dentrixWant to be more productive in your office and save money with your phone bill at the same time? Most Dental practices would. If your a Dentrix owner, you have a very unique opportunity where you can integrate a cloud based phone system with your Dentrix. Broadview Networks has introduced OfficeSuite for Dental Practices which is the first phone system that integrates with Dentrix G5. For a low monthly fee, your dental practice gets a complete communications solution which includes easy-to-use phones, powerful features, system and hardware maintenance and reliable unlimited phone service. There is no equipment to buy and no long term maintenance contracts to sign. [Read more…]

E4D Game changer in CADCAM Dentistry. Faster Better Easier

cerec vs e4d

e4d vs cerec

It’s an exiting time to be a Dentist today with all the new technologies that are available. Just released, a new product called the Nevo, is sure to be a game changer. E4D technologies was the first to introduce powder free dentistry and laser technology and now has taken the laser technology and the ergonomics to a whole new level. What’s super cool about this is everything about the NEVO Scanner makes digital dentistry quicker, easier and faster from the computer aided image capture, to plug-and-play technology that uses a laptop, thunderbolt technology and a newer laser wavelength. This system is the only CADCAM system that uses Blue Laser technology. Are you wondering what makes this different from the Sirona Cerec Omnicam? The E4D truly uses Blue laser which has a much smaller wavelength then the Cerec which uses LED – white light technology. The wavelength of the E4D is smaller than the Cerec’s LED – white light which means more accurate data capture. [Read more…]

Carestream | iCAT What is the effective radiation dose?

carestream vs icatIt can be very confusing these days if your a Dentist looking at 3D cone beam for your Dental Practice. Many times when I’m discussing 3D technology with a Doctor, it’s interesting to here what they are basing their decision on. This is one of the biggest investments you will make for your practice so price will always be a factor, but there are a number of other variables to consider. One of the biggest is radiation exposure which is measured in microsievert’s (µSv). For instance, depending on the voxel size or the resolution of the image, your effective dosage will differ. Another variable in the amount of radiation dosage will depend on the field of view or size of the 3D area you are acquiring. [Read more…]

E4D – Take a Cruise with us and learn what’s new.

e4dHave you been thinking about CADCAM for your office and are interested in creating accurate beautiful restorations. This is a great opportunity for you to join us for a special evening Wednesday, July 17, 2013 as we will be taking a select Group of 25 Dentist on a Fireworks Dinner Cruise from 7:00pm – 10pm from Navy Pier. Come learn about E4D and CAD CAM dentistry. We will show you amazing advancements in digital dentistry and help you understand how it can be one of the most profitable tools for your practice. You’ll have the chance to mingle with your peers and other CAD CAM experts to learn how this technology will change the way you do dentistry. [Read more…]

Dental Practice Design Experience – Dr. Mark Tholen

Dr. Mark TholenEvery wonder what your current practice says about you to your patients? Do you think it’s possible that the perceived quality of dentistry is reflected by how your office looks? Your practice is the Largest Marketing Tool of your career according to Dr. Mark Tholen who is the author of the best selling dental design book, “A Guide to Designing the Elegant Dental or Medical Office”. If this is a concern of yours, then you might want to consider attending this very unique event that Pelton and Crane is hosting with Dr. Mark Tholen on August 9, 2013 with Henry Schein in Chicago, IL. This is a workshop that will give you the knowledge and confidence to bring your dream office within reach.Driven to Excellence
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Be more Social and People will Like You. Want New Patients? Engage and be Real.

Likable DentistYesterday I stopped by a friend of mine, a Dentist,  to see how he was doing. This Dentist, is very passionate about everything he does and isn’t afraid to try something different to get new results. As a technology sales consultant I’ve been spending a lot of time learning about social media and inbound marketing strategies to help my clients be more successful. Let’s face it, everybody is a social media guru these days so it can be very confusing to most Dentist. So, several months ago this Dentist started embracing social media, automated systems to use with his practice management software for internal marketing and has been doing a great job of getting reviews. In fact, lots of great reviews! So when I was in his office he said  to me “John, you know that stuff about Facebook you were talking about actually works”. Honestly, I had to think about it for a moment and since I’m still trying to figure out the magic to all of this stuff. So I responded back with please tell me more. Now, this is a Dentist that does not have a website currently and is in a very competitive area. He said I received a new client “organically” from a Google search and now have 3 new clients. Now I’m thinking, how is this possible without a website. So I asked. He explained that the client had searched for best rated dentist in the area. All of this Dentist reviews showed up numerous times, so the prospect checked out his Facebook page (no website), called the office regarding a question they had. The office manager could not answer the question over the phone, so she said someone would get back to her by the end of the day. [Read more…]

HIPAA Compliant Email and Fax. Not expensive to be compliant, but fines can range from $250 to over $1 million.

imagesEver wonder if the emails you are sending are HIPAA Compliant? Many Dental Offices these days are chartless offices and are utilizing emails to communicate information not only between referring Dentist, Insurance companies and but with Patients. Today HIPAA violations can start at $250 per violation and go up to over $1 million. Since the easiest way to share information these days is email, take a look at your strategies and policies you have in place to ensure that your protecting your patients information. Make sure you have the proper notices posted for HIPAA not only in your office, but also online so your patients are aware of the potential risks of sharing Patient Health Information (PHI) over the internet.  Don’t assume that this could never happen to you. All it could take is one patient complaint and the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is at your door. [Read more…]

Facebook Landing Page for your Practice. Convert more visitors to customers.

Dental facebook marketing

Are you trying to take your Facebook Marketing to another level? Not so sure if your social media marketing is paying off?  Many inbound marketing guru’s make it sound so easy and have all the answers or the secrets. Once someone gets to your page, what message is being sent to your prospective visitor? One thing to consider is creating a Landing Page welcoming your visitors so your message is clear and your getting the most out of your efforts.


dental landing page


Marketing is getting someones attention with the and converting them into leads and eventually customers. This could be an excellent way to get them into your funnel. Many of us go to a Facebook page, Like the page and then never return to the page again. We may occasionally see a post show up on our newsfeed and pass it by.  You need to stand out and be different if you want to attract more visitors.


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Cerec Galileos integration more steps than Cerec with Anatomage.

CADCAM 3D integrationEver wonder what the process is between CAD/CAM and the implant planning process and what all the hype is about? Have you been thinking about the Cerec Galileos integration and how that’s going to streamline your process? If you have a Cerec, I would strongly recommend you do your homework and fully understand the process and what the options are. If you were an architect would you build the foundation first before you built the house? Of course your would, so why aren’t we following this rule when planning the perfect implant with the perfect restoration? I’m not convinced that this is the best process. Seems to me you would want to plan the implant first, then the restoration. Anatomage software allows you to plan the implant first and use a virtual restoration to double check your placement. Your going to have to do a final scan for your CAD/CAM anyway so why do the cart before the horse?

Let’s explore the process between a Sirona and Cerec integration  vs. Cerec with an iCAT/Instrumentarium
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Dental Cloud Software – Dentrix Ascend – Software is intended to guide the user naturally through their everyday workflow

Dental Cloud Software

Dentrix Cloud Software

It was just a matter of time and now the time is here. Dentrix finally released the first dental cloud software practice management system designed with advanced features for single and multi-site dental practices. Today it’s currently in beta, but by the end of the year should be the final release of a product. If your interested in being an early adopter, you can get the product at a savings over the monthly subscription price. This new product is packed with powerful capabilities in a intuitive easy-to-use package. You can use this product from a PC to a Mac to an Ipad, as long as your able to run Google Chrome or Safari. This solution will be great for the multiple locations who want to share one database and want this information in real-time. [Read more…]

Upgrading from Cerec to E4D

imgres-3Below is an article written by a Dentist who upgraded  from Cerec to E4D. It tells a pretty good story of the evolution of a Cerec customer and why they would switch to an E4D.  The Dentist does more than 1 million per year in production and has a significant number of PPO plans. In order to achieve this, he attributes it to the investment into technology like a chartless office, digital radiography, intra-oral camera’s and most importantly CAD/CAM technology. One of the biggest objections I run across when speaking about CAD/CAM dentistry to a Dentist is the concern about the esthetics. In this article the Dentist was surprised by how easy it was to achieve great esthetics and challenges himself with more difficult cases. If some of your cases are too challenging in the beginning you can send your cases, using E4D sky, to expert designers. The E4D is an open system using an (.stl) file format making you compatible with services that many labs can provide.
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New i-CAT has Lowest Radiation

icat images 3

At the CMW 2013 meeting, I was able to preview the new i-CAT and was pretty impressed with what I saw. They introduced their new product that can deliver a 3D image with a field of view of 16cm by 13cm at only 11uSv compared to a traditional pan that might be at 20 to 30 uSv. Combine this with their “best in class” hardware and TXstudio software and you have a product gives you everything you could possibly ask for when it comes to 3D imaging these days. Yes, you do take an image at .3mm voxel size to get this low radiation, but you don’t always need the higher resolution in most cases. Part of the reason an image looks better on an i-CAT is the fact that you have less motion with the patient sitting. Compare this to a patient that has to stand in a Kodak 9300 unit and is forced to take an image at a higher dosage of 200uSv. [Read more…]

Panoramic X-ray vs Full Mouth Series – 35 Reason to go beyond a full mouth series.

35 Reasons


Panoramic Xray vs FMX. A panoramic X-ray is the preferred way for a practitioner to diagnose thos regions outside of a full mouth series. Panoramic imaging can reduce procedure times and radiation by nearly 90%. Today the Image quality so good that some companies claim you no longer need to take traditional bitewings to find caries.

Below are the 35 Reason to go beyond a full mouth series. The numbers corollate to the numbers on the panoramic image as a reference.
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Dental Offices Digital by 2014 – Find out the Real Story

Going Digital by 2014This is a question that I get asked and hear about as a technology sales consultant and the responses and thoughts are all over the board? For the past 4 years I’ve had anyone from Dentist, dental staff and dental sales professionals asking  whether or not they have to be digital by the year 2014. Another popular questions is they will need submit their insurance electronically by the year 2014. Is the Government going to require me to buy an “electronic medical records” system? The American Dental Association has been fielding questions from dental professionals who are unclear over exactly what is required. Many think this rumor was started by some sales professional or vendor who was working on a marketing strategy to encourage Dentist to make an investment into technology.
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Why doesn’t every Dentist have a Soft Tissue Laser? If it’s good medicine for your patients and good for business, Why Not?

Dental Laser for soft tissueDental Soft Tissue Lasers. It’s really hard for me to understand why every Dentist doesn’t use a soft tissue laser. I might be a bit extreme whey I say this, but it makes so much more sense than not treating a patient that could truly benefit from it’s use. You may be the only Doctor that patient see’s all year. I know Dentist are constantly bombarded with new technologies that they should be investing in like Digital X-ray (65% penetration) and now CAD/CAM or Digital Impressions (15%+ penetration), but this one has been around for awhile and recently you can get a soft tissue laser from anywhere from $2500 to $8000.
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How to Use Amazon’s S3 for your Dental Backup. Cheap and Reliable.

backupHow to Use Amazon’s Simple Storage.

What’s cool about Amazon’s Simple Storage (S3) service is that it can be incredibly cheap dental backup solution that can be reliable and useful file storage to your business. You don’t need to be a programmer in order to use it. It’s similar to Dropbox and can save you time and money. The simplest way to describe Amazon S3 is a it’s a cloud, a hard drive in cyberspace and a hosting space.

What is cost structure & how reliable?

Well it can be pretty cheap and you pay for what you use. It currently runs about .14 cents a Terrabyte to hold, and .12 cents a GB after the first free GB for bandwidth.  If that doesn’t make any sense this will. There is no contract and the first year is free to test it out. Amazon is pretty confident it works since they guarantee 99% uptime.
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